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Red Wines

Imes Bridge

Imes Bridges is a port styled dessert wine with an Iowa twist. A fortified blend of Frontenac and Norton that is smoky on the nose with a ruby colored body and tawny edges.
Sweetness 8 of 12

Petite Pearl

From the 2018 Iowa Vineyard of the Year, Petite Pearl is a rich, full bodied red with lush plum and black cherry overtones and a hint of chocolate.
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Marechal Foch

A dry, medium bodied red wine with a decadent nose and depth. Bright cherry fruit, French oak, and balanced tannins. Pairs well with lamb and beef.
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Rattlesnake Red

The body of a cabernet with the soul of Iowa, this hearty red wine strikes a perfect balance between sweetness and bite. Rich black currant and earthy flavors make this a perfect pairing with chili, burgers, brats, steaks and chops.
Winner of ‘Best of Show Red’ at the 2019 Iowa State Fair!
Sweetness 3 of 12

Hogback Bridge

Hogback Bridge is a sweet red wine with black cherry and raspberry flavors and just a hint of spice on the nose. Very fruit forward, it pairs well with the smokiness of grilled entrees or the ease of picnic fare.
Sweetness 8 of 12


Our Marquette is a dry red with rich black raspberry and plum flavors with a smoky finish. Pair with beef or your favorite red sauce.
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Our 100% Iowa grown Norton has impressive body and character with dark cherry and black currant flavors. Pair with beef or your favorite red sauce.
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St. Croix

Dry with a spicy nose it features dark cherry fruit with strong cedar and black pepper overtones. Try it with sharp cheeses, barbecue, or spicy oriental cuisine.
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Wake up and say hello to the fruit! Bright cherry and plum greet your taste buds while balanced tannins and American oak round this dry red out. Pair with ribs, beef or lamb. 
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White Wines

Frontenac Blanc

2019 Frontenac Blanc is a dry, soft, refreshing white wine layered with pineapple and citrus flavors along with a hint of peach.  Try it with Margherita Pizza, chicken, or anything light.
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Seyval Blanc

Seyval Blanc is a dry, soft, refreshing white wine layered with lush tropical and citrus flavors. Try it with Margherita Pizza, chicken, or anything light.
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LaCrescent features vibrant peach and apricot flavors with a hint of grapefruit. Crisp and refreshing, it leaves a lingering bouquet on the palate. Pair with fruit, light fishes and chicken.          
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Holliwell Bridge

Our newest release, Holliwell Bridge, is an off-dry blend with citrus, pear, tangerine, and honey flavors. Exceptionally light, and soft, it pairs well with chicken, fish, and dessert.
Sweetness 2 of 12

Cedar Bridge

Cedar Bridge is a semi-sweet blend with peach and apricot overtones. Perfectly balanced, it is light and refreshing with a clean finish. Pair with light sauces, and delicately flavored dishes.
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A signature Iowa wine, our Edelweiss has wonderful pineapple and citrus notes, an enticing floral nose, and crisp finish. Pair with light sauces, chicken, white fish, and desserts.
Sweetness 8 of 12


Brianna expresses an aromatic bouquet of honeysuckle, tangerine and peach. It is great by itself, as an aperitif, or paired with tart desserts.
Sweetness 10 of 12

Rosé Wines

Francesca’s Folly

An easy-drinking blush perfect for a lazy afternoon or casual gathering. Strawberry, cherry, and vanilla flavors.
Sweetness 7 of 12

Roseman Bridge

A light, fruity blush. Pear and cranberry flavors are vibrant while the finish lingers delicately. It is excellent with turkey and chicken dishes or even sipping on the patio.
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